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Air Bag Problem Dongfeng Motor recalled 5534 Fengshen AX7
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In the interview, the author found that children's home was sold separately in the past, which often resulted in inconsistency with the overall style of home decoration. With the growing popularity of children's furniture market, a large number of businessmen poured in, and some adult furniture manufacturers joined in. Therefore, furniture such as study, living room, bedroom and children's room can be customized by a brand, and the decoration style will be more harmonious.

Multifunctional children's furniture is popular in various brands of children's furniture exhibition halls. Various shapes, sizes, high and low beds are placed in the most prominent position, which is very noticeable. "After the policy of `single second child', many people came to our shop to ask about the use of children's furniture, especially the sales of high and low beds. In an interview, a national chain home store guide said.

In addition to children's furniture for many people, multi-functional children's furniture has also attracted considerable attention. Children's beds with storage space, desks with bookshelves and so on are good helpers to save space in children's rooms. For many families planning to "add" space, it is also urgent to "squeeze out" more space in the limited children's rooms.

Consumers are concerned about whether Environmental Journalists meet many young parents who choose to buy children's furniture in their interviews. They generally believe that no matter how novel the style is, how bright the color is, the first factor to consider when choosing furniture is environmental protection.

Cheng Xinran, who lives in Hanlin Courtyard, Wanghua District, told reporters: "Children's immunity is low. If they buy furniture that releases excessive formaldehyde, it will affect their health. Something for children can't be done carelessly." In order to find environmentally friendly and tasteless children's furniture, Cheng Xinran has carefully selected for two weeks, almost all of our city's home stores.

Industry insiders reminded consumers that children's furniture must be purchased under the regular brand, cautiously choose products with ultra-low prices, because behind the ultra-low prices are often hidden higher formaldehyde emission, which is not conducive to children's health.